Cincinnati Bell Network Change Notices

Notice Number Network Change\Title
14-002 Bethel, Ohio - Copper Replacement
14-003Fairfield, Ohio - Switch Decommissioning
14-004Fairfield, Ohio - Copper Replacement
14-005North Greenhills, Ohio - Pippin Road Copper Replacement
14-006Loveland, Ohio - Branch Hill Road-Guinea Pike Copper Replacement
15-001West Chester, Ohio - Woodbridge Copper Replacement
16-001Fairfield, Ohio - Switch Decommissioning and Building Removal Update
16-002Fairfield, Ohio - Copper Replacement Update
17-001209 West Seventh Street Unit 2 Decomissioning
19-001Public Notice of Copper Retirement Under Rule 51.333 - Loveland Ohio
19-002Seven Mile Ohio Coppper Retirement